Scotch Doubles League


Meet and Start: Monday, Oct 24th, 2011

Start Time: 7 pm

Format: 1 Woman, 1 Man

Games per session: 6

Cost: $13 per person ($9.00 lineage, $4.00 prize fund, - 0 - Sec fee)

Sponsor Fee: $20 per team


Enjoy a fun night of Scotch Doubles Bowling every Monday night!! Scotch Doubles Bowling is a fun alternate shot bowling format where 2 bowlers work together to bowl 6 games each night. The woman will roll the first ball the first game and the man will roll at the spare. Game 2, the man throws the first shot, and the woman the second!! The 3rd games, it switches again. If the first bowler throws a strike, the next bowler starts the next frame. No one throws two shots in a row!!

A real “TEAM” effort, and lots of fun!!!


This will be a money prize league. Money to be awarded the last night of bowling.

Handicap shall be 90% of 210 (team average). All teams will set average the first night.

This league will bowl for 16 weeks starting 10/24/11.

No vacancies or blind scores allowed. Subs will be allowed. 2 people constitutes a legal line-up.

Optional Games To Add To The Fun!!

Gold Head Pin Bowling ~ To add to the fun, any bowlers who roll a strike with the gold head pin win a complimentary beverage, courtesy of Astro Bowl!!

Mystery Score ($3 per couple) ~ If the score that you bowled is pulled, you win the pot. No skill needed. If no one wins that night, pot will be carried to the next week. Return is 100%.

This is an non-sanctioned league. All USBC rules will apply during competition.